This post is admittedly long overdue. The SOBR is a logical collection of individual backup repositories where backups go from a storage perspective in one pool. The underlying repositories are referred to as extents and the parent SOBR is a collection of all the extents and will summarize their capacity.

There are many reasons why the SOBR can add benefits to how organizations manage data in their environment. A few of the use cases that are available right now and note — there will be more capabilities coming later this year include:.

These are just a few ways that the SOBR can solve real challenges in the data center for the backup infrastructure. There you can find nearly 20 sub-pages on how the SOBR can be administered and its capabilities. Like a regular repository, the SOBR holds backup data.

The real benefits come when there need to be changes to the backup infrastructure. This will save administrators a lot of work in the following situations:. The performance design is something that can really be intriguing for those who have a mix of different storage systems.

This is an attractive arrangement as the performance profile of each of these types of backups files is in alignment with the storage capabilities of those extents. Taking a backup repository offline is a very easy step. I can simply right-click and put this extent into maintenance mode. Once a repository is in maintenance mode, an important fact must be considered: backups can still run. In this example, there are two other extents that are ready to receive backup jobs.

This is one of the key deliverables that the SOBR has brought to Veeam installations from the beginning. The extent can then have the backups evacuated, which will place the data on the remaining extents. Once those backups are evacuated, the extent that is in maintenance mode can be removed from the configuration of the SOBR and the remaining extents left in place with ease.

Truth be told, this was one of the first use cases of the SOBR! As the story is told to me, one of the first ideas came for the scenario where an organization had one backup repository. How could they move backup job configuration and data to a new backup repository with ease?

This challenge was made easy with the SOBR. Just like that — a new backup storage resource is in place without missing a single backup job. In this configuration, the sole repository that is defined in the SOBR could be replaced by adding another extent with ease through the following steps the unchanged part of the infrastructure made gray for simplicity :.

The beautiful thing here is that we can let the world of day-to-day backup infrastructure administration leverage software-defined capabilities for backup storage. The management of the backup storage through this mechanism makes it very simple to make changes to the underlying storage while having absolute portability of the critical backup data.

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Additionally, later this year we will be releasing more capabilities for the SOBR that will further drive the benefits needed today: portability, data management and new locations. Subscribe by e-mail Subscribe to our RSS feed. Daily administration meets software-defined storage with the Scale-Out Backup Repository. Veeam Blog October 2, Tags: Backup Storage. What is the SOBR?Scale-out Backup Repository is an extremely easy way for both medium and large customers to extend repositories when they run out of space.

As of version 9. The Capacity Tier extent can only be backed by an object storage repository and is meant to extend the SOBR with a cheap long-term storage tier for older backup files. Backup files are moved to the Capacity Tier based on age when all other requirements are fulfilled.

As per default settings, it is recommended to enable "per VM backup files" on the Scale-out Backup Repository for optimal balancing of disk usage. If the default repository needs to be added to a Scale-out Backup Repository, consider first to change the target of Configuration Backup. For additional technical information, the online documentation is available here : Helpcenter SoBR.


Scale-out Backup Repository has two different options for file placement. This is the default policy, and it works by placing all the dependent files of a backup chain into the same extent. Every extent grouped with this policy has the same chances of receiving a backup chain as the algorithm treats them equally, and the major parameter for the initial placement is the free space value.

The failure domain is a single extent, as the loss of a given extent impacts only the backup chains stored into that extent. Policy can be violated by Veeam itself if, for example, one of the extents has no free space left, and the additional incremental is stored in a different extent. This because the priority is always to complete a backup or backup copy. Performance policy places dependent incremental backup files on a different extent from the corresponding fulls.

Important : When using integrated deduplication devices, virtual synthetic operations may not work, if the full and incremental backup files are placed on separate extents. Please use Data Locality mode instead. Users can configure each repository of the group to accept full backups, incremental backups or both. As soon as a new backup chain is stored into a performance Scale-out Backup Repository, the different files are place in accordance to the policy itself.

Note : in order to leverage the performance policy correctly users need to use at least two different repositories. Performance policy increases the failure domain — a backup chain is split over at least two repositories, thus the loss of one of the two corrupts the entire backup chain. This is a consideration that Veeam architects need to evaluate carefully.

There is a trade-off between the increased performance guaranteed by the performance placement policy, and the increased failure domain. Scale-out Backup Repository is, as the name implies, a scale out architecture, based on multiple datamovers, with a notion of master and slave repository datamovers. During backups, the master datamover is always started where the write is happening.

Daily administration meets software-defined storage with the Scale-Out Backup Repository

During restore, the master is always started where the VBK is located, as most blocks are likely retrieved from this location. A master datamover is the only repository datamover receiving data from a source datamover a proxy in a backup job or a source repository in a backup copy job. A master datamover is able to communicate if needed with other slave datamovers to retrieve their data.Gluhar is a Boss in Escape from Tarkov.

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Veeam has full access to this folder, and can read and write files. Q: Oh, wait! Where is Scale-out Backup Repository?

Is it a separate piece of hardware? Backup repository administration can be a hard job. It requires a lot of resources from an IT administrator. Repositories have a fixed size, and space may not be consumed properly over time.

Not to mention how painful micro-management is, and how difficult it is to plan for future scalability. Using Scale-out Backup Repository allows you to reduce backup storage management, solving the issue of underutilized backup devices and improving backup performance.

As a result, companies can reduce their investments in storages making IT administrators and business owners happy. A: In order to be able to set up such repository, you should create two or more simple repositories actually it could be used even only one repository to start, but it would not make too much sensethen go to Backup Infrastructure and launch a Scale-out Backup Repository creation wizard.

Provide the name of the repository, add necessary extents and define the placement policy. Once you select the extents for this repository, all respective tasks using one of the involved simple repositories will be automatically reconfigured to use this newly created repository. A: The way Scale-out Backup Repository distributes backup files across multiple extents is set within the Scale-out Backup Repository policy.

There are two policies: Data locality and Performance. Data locality: All dependent backup files from the same incremental chain are placed in the same extent. However, the following incremental chain can be placed to any other extent.

Even though the program attempts to follow these policies, it is flexible. Better to violate a policy and still guarantee a successful backup! Prior to selection, it checks the availability of backup extents, backup placement policy for this task, limitation for a maximum number of tasks that the extents can process, amount of free space at the extents, and presence of files from this backup chain at the extents.

This way the program starts over the backup chain and creates an active full backup file when the necessary extent is not available. Remember you are trading backup completion with additional consumed space with this option. Q: Are there any service actions I can do with extents? What if I need to shut it down and replace the hardware? There are a few service actions.

You can put an extent in maintenance mode at any time. If you want to retire this extent from Scale-out repository, you can perform an automatic backup files evacuation once the extent is in maintenance mode.You can configure a scale-out backup repository in the backup infrastructure.

The scale-out backup repository is a logical entity — it groups several backup repositories called extents.

Ultimate FAQ for Scale-out Backup Repository

When you configure the scale-out backup repository, you actually create a pool of storage devices and systems, summarizing their capacity. For details, see Capacity Tier. You can expand the scale-out backup repository at any moment. For example, if backup data grows and the backup repository reaches the storage limit, you can add a new storage system to the scale-out backup repository. The free space on this storage system will be added to the capacity of the scale-out backup repository.

As a result, you will not have to move backups to a backup repository of a larger size. To deploy a scale-out backup repository, you must configure a number of backup repositories and add them to a scale-out backup repository as extents.

You can mix backup repositories of different types in one scale-out backup repository:. For example, you can add a Microsoft Windows backup repository and deduplicating storage appliance to the same scale-out backup repository. A scale-out backup repository can be used for the following types of jobs and tasks:.

You can copy backups that reside on scale-out backup repositories and store backup copies on scale-out backup repositories. Backup files stored on the scale-out repository can be used for all types of restores, replication from backup and backup copy jobs. You can verify such backups with SureBackup jobs.

The scale-out backup repository can be used as a staging backup repository for restore from tape media. Files restored from the tape media are placed to the extents according to data placement policy configured for the scale-out backup repository. For more information, see Backup File Placement. If you configure a scale-out backup repository and then downgrade to the Standard license, you will not be able to run jobs targeted at the scale-out backup repository.

However, you will be able to perform restore from the scale-out backup repository. For each scale-out backup repository, you can add 1 object storage repository and 4 extents: 3 active, and 1 inactive that is put to the Maintenance mode. You can add inactive extents, for example, if any of active extents has no free space, and you want to evacuate backup data from it. If you add 4 extents and do not put any of them to the Maintenance mode, the jobs targeted at the scale-out backup repository will fail.

Enterprise Plus Edition has no limitations on the number of scale-out backup repositories or extents. You do not need to rename backup files themselves. Our website uses cookies! By continuing to use our website, you agree with our use of cookies in accordance with our Cookie Policy.


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Every SOBR unit has an individual character. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article may be expanded with text translated from the corresponding article in Russian. July Click [show] for important translation instructions. View a machine-translated version of the Russian article. Machine translation like DeepL or Google Translate is a useful starting point for translations, but translators must revise errors as necessary and confirm that the translation is accurate, rather than simply copy-pasting machine-translated text into the English Wikipedia.

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For more guidance, see Wikipedia:Translation. Counter terrorism, special weapons and tactics, protection of VIPs. National Interest.


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